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Portia was recemt;y playing Gertrude in the Icarus production of Hamlet that toured the UK January till April 2017. It was directed by Max Lewendel.

Portia has finished filming THE PATIENT a short film about a young man who is completely disfigured after surviving a brutal car accident. Only The Patient and Dr Ivory know who the real mother is. Portia portrays one of these - Cassandra

Written & Directed by Ari Rissotti   Produced by Anna Saffery

REVIEW: Hamlet at Lawrence Batley Theatre by Gavin Castle (Huddersfield Examier)

Icarus Theatre Collective bring Shakespeare classic to life...the key scene between Hamlet and Gertrude (Portia Booroff) played straight though heavily cut, finally brings real character interaction and the performances of Hamlet, Gertrude, Claudius and Ophelia (Kerry Gooderson) all gain conviction in the second half.

With Nigel Havers

“Oy Vey” (Short Film) A quick note to say it was a real pleasure to work with you and I really appreciated all your ideas and input throughout the production - it was great to work with someone who cared about the story as much as we did. Your portrayal as Catherine was excellent, I've watched the rushes and I'm confident we've achieved the balance of emotional drama and humour, largely due to your performance.


“Be Heard” (Short Film) What can I say?  Thank you so very much for your incredible performance in our film. You are fantastic to work with.  You gave so much to camera and relevant options.  You take direction like a dream!  Thank you so much for lending your enormous talent to the project.........

“Love Story” (Theatre) Portia's experience in the profession is complimented by her bold creativity. Her range embraces the vulnerable victim to the formidable, vengeful wife authentically. She is an exciting and genuine personality to have in the rehearsal room and her agility onstage matched perfectly the needs of Love Story - a particularly challenging theatre space.

Portia is a thoughtful and agile performer with dedication to all aspects of the rehearsal process. She is skilled and experienced at shakespeares text to life.

MADELINE VOSE - Openscript Theatre

“Solitary” (Feature Film), played by the talented Portia Booroff, on location at Portsmouth's Kingston Prison. Pierce was originally written as a male character, but Portia impressed the producers so much with her audition, they rewrote the part for her.

SARINA TAYLOR & KATHARINE LEE McEWAN (Producers) - Solitary Films

.......Portia, Thank you so much for acting in our film. You are such a wonderful actress and since the BAFTA premiere of our film 'Be Heard'. Many, many people have expressed what a wonderful actress you are. You are an outstanding actress! Thank you so much for lending your colossal talent to our film. xx


“Hamlet” (Stage Production) “Across all performances, your journey was great...you have a great consistency of choice, and still manage to play within the boundaries we’ve established...I’m so so so glad you’re our Gertrude.  You are an incredible asset to our team”. Max Lewendel

PORTIA BOOROFF in a previous version of HAMLET

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PORTIA BOOROFF in the recent film production BE HEARD